You Have Something to Offer

You Have Something to Offer

Hey Friend,

This post is not going to be long at all… Just sharing a random thought and that is that ‘you absolutely have something to offer’. It may be difficult to offer right now or you may be super overwhelmed by your current season and not feel like you have the capacity to offer anyone anything but I just need you to remember that truly you do have something to offer.

This is difficult to believe when we don’t see others needing us or expecting much from us, well expecting anything of value anyways. That is hard… The opposite may be true for you where many people are expecting so much of you (and they mean well) but you literally have nothing to offer or you feel you have nothing of value to offer, what happened with me during my rock bottom days people would say they saw so much in me and that I had so much to offer. I genuinely thought they were deluded and were lying to me to make me feel better about my current season ( I know wild lol but it was so true). I now look back and compare it to where I am today I am in such a better place and I am learning what I am able to offer every day. I offer non judgemental love, I offer testimonial of my past and different methods that aided my recovery, I offer joy, I offer hope, I offer help, I offer a voice for those who were misunderstood, manipulated and abused, I offer friendship. I am discovering more as I go! So please don’t give up hope. You have breath thus there is still hope.

Hear this, you have so much to offer. You are just on a journey of discovering what those things are or rediscovering :-).

Articulating what is on the inside of us can be difficult , because thoughts like “who needs this, no one will listen, that other person would be better off doing or saying this than me, am I even qualified to speak on this? What if I fail?”. I have been there, I feel like I am still fighting my way through! Praise Jesus I am making progress and you absolutely can too.

What’s the next step you can take? the first one I would suggest is just saying out loud to your self what’s below. I just did it and it was quite powerful. We need to hear ourselves sometimes! Well I would say everyday.

“I have something to offer, I have something to offer this world and before I leave this world the world must hear it, experience it and know it. I have something great to offer this world and it is going to serve those that hear, experience and know it. I will not be silenced and my gifting will not be quenched.”

I said this post would not be a long one so I will stop here. I hope it has encouraged you to keep going and wanting to do better. You are so amazing, even if you do not feel it right now.

What is it that you know you have to offer the world that you personally think is insignificant or you are fearful to share? I want to hear from you. I offer you my ear and I offer you my heart, I also offer my hand. I want to help.

I love you. You are loved.

Andrea x

What Has He Given You?

What Has He Given You?

Hellllo Friend 😀


I hope you are well. Here’s another blog post from me and it won’t be a very long one this time (so I say lol hey I saw that eye roll :P), I’ll be sharing my experience with a message that I heard that honestly changed the game for me.

So, yesterday my friend sent me a link to a radio station that had a sermon going. Usually, when I get sent a link they usually all get put into the watch later archive and sadly most of the time I don’t get around to watching them (sorry friends, I will get round to it eventually lol). But  I clicked on this link immediately and quickly became engaged with the message, the message was entitled ‘As He Returns’ or something along those lines, I just know it wasn’t a title that gave the message away. 

He spoke about the master that distributed the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and emphasised that the master was coming back for the talents and the multiplication of those alone. He spoke about how people are busy and striving to multiply talents that Jesus hadn’t given them, he also made the point of making the most of every opportunity, not being foolish but truly understanding what the will of the Lord is (sobering scripture Ephesians 5:16-17). As he preached, he would pause and regularly ask “What has He given you?” whilst also reinforcing the fact that that was what He was coming back for. As you can imagine, this caused a stirring up of self examination inside of me! What had I been busy about multiplying that which was not even given to me?! What have I buried and not paid that much attention to or believed in enough (mercy Lord!)?! And other questions like those, phew *wipes sweat off forehead*  I was moved to say the least. 


So why am I sharing this? I guess I wanted to have a conversation about it… See where you are etc. (And just know if I know you personally I would like to have a chat please and thanks *eyes emoji* 


Here are a few things I had realised about myself after listening to the message;

  1. I’ve been dilly-dallying 
  2. I didn’t have complete assurance of what had been given to me so I couldn’t put my focus and effort on anything completely. I was dilly-dallying for real lol
  3. I was under the assumption that God was going to give me a long list of what He has given me after I asked Him, I thought I was going to be the Servant with 5 talents… That wasn’t the case lol and I don’t know why I assumed that… was it pride? I don’t know lol.


I wish I could find the link of the exact message but it’s not on Youtube, not that I saw anyways but I’ll give you his name and you can look him up, Gbile Akanni. 


This message encouraged me to seek God this morning about what talents He has given me, I had an idea before but I needed Him to remind me so that I could set my focus onto the things that He would ultimately return and ask for. In response to my inquiry, in short: it was ‘a voice and a word’ (To sing and to speak, write etc I’ll discover lol). 


So now I know for sure that God wants me to ‘trade’ with these (Matthew 25:16), whether I think I’m good enough or qualified enough is none of my business. I’ve accepted that if these are what He has given me to multiply for the sake of the Kingdom then I must not try to step out of that and try and trade with another ‘talent’ but my energy ought to go into developing and  improving both talents He has given me (Shout out to Mr A Major that’s going to coach my voice AMEN!). 


*Exhales* lol that’s all folks. If you made it to the end I appreciate you! Thank you for joining my heart shares and heart tales lol *big smile and hug* 


Until the next post, take care of yourself and please share your thoughts, what has God given you? How are you multiplying them? (genuinely curious I want to get this right lol) How are you staying focused and intentional? Have you ever fallen off?


If you are new to this or still trying to work it out! You are not alone 🙂 Reach out!

Let’s figure out this surrendered life thing together. 



Lots of Love


Drey x


Oh here’s an ‘old skool’ song I think you may enjoy 🙂

Personal Spiritual Responsibility

Personal Spiritual Responsibility

Hi Friend!

It’s me again *waves*

This morning I slid out of my bed to pray lol (It was tough getting out of bed this morning) what helped me get out of bed was remembering I asked the Lord to wake me up and He did faithfully, praise Him lol.

This morning what was coming to mind was the importance of Personal Spiritual Responsibility. We are to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Philippians 2:12



I’ll share a personal testimony.

A few years ago, I diffused my spiritual responsibility by depending on man for revelation and understanding the word of God and God himself, it opened the door to deception, manipulation and abuse. I had to be shaken aggressively out of that place because I had made the former leader God and former place of worship my refuge. I would say things like “I’m never leaving this church, I feel safe here”. I later learnt that it is only in Christ I should be feeling safe, nothing and no one else should give me a sense of security.

Christ Jesus the Lord alone is our security. Of course we have people we can trust but no one can make your soul secure except Jesus.

I believe this is the time to learn or remind ourselves of what personal spiritual responsibility looks like and adding some extra diligence to the keeping of our souls (Satan is looking for people he can just mess up! 1 Peter 5:8). Regarding those you look up to and you follow, I understand they have a powerful prophetic gift, yes they preach good and no one preaches like them, yes they know how to divide the word accurately, yes they are anointed and they could impart some of that in you BUT these are absolutely not good enough reasons to neglect your own responsibility to seek God for yourself and check the state of your soul. Philippians 2:12 reminds us.

And even in these uncertain times, we may be tempted to go to and fro searching for answers, looking up what people are saying about the times on Youtube and Instagram etc (I am so guilty of this) but the question that comes to mind is, if all these platforms were taken away and it was just you and the bible…. would you feel secure? Would you feel safe? Or would you feel confused and alone? (Please note this is a question also for me)

No one can seek God for us… no one.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. – Hebrews 11:6

We cannot ride off of someone else’s sought of the Lord. They’ll get their reward; but we won’t if we do not seek for ourselves.


Let us not be afraid of deception… but let us be hyper aware.


In the past that was my issue. I was so afraid of being deceived and getting it wrong myself, I depended on someone else to seek for me, and hear God for me and understand scriptures for me and because of that, I fell flat on my face. The rug was pulled from underneath me, foundation crumbled and so did my faith. It’s then I learnt that no one could do this for me, thus the journey to taking personal responsibility over this redeemed soul of mine begun.

Church hurt is real. But the one who hurt you is not the author of your salvation… I learnt that…

I’m writing this to all of us… including myself….


I’m so grateful that I get to be a child of God and if you are not sure whether you are a child of God, the bible tells us to believe, confess Christ as Lord and repent of our sins and then we will be saved thus making us children of God.

If you are still on the fence regarding having faith in Christ I want to encourage you to sincerely ask God to reveal Himself to you and I’m so confident that He will.

If you are backslidden, please come back home… we have been praying for you… God is calling you back home and He wants you ready when He returns…


Bible pic responsibility blog #2 2020

If you want prayer or someone to talk to or share your story with please get in touch via the Contact section below. I would absolutely love to speak with you.



Thank you for reading to the end.

Stay encouraged. Get in contact.


He loves you.


Drey x

My Maze Talk – COVID 19

My Maze Talk – COVID 19

Hi Friends,

How are you all doing….?

Wow, right? Things just feel so surreal right now.

Corona Virus (Covid-19)…

Mad Mad Mad…

As I sat on my bean bag trying to complete a word search, It honestly felt like I was outside of my body looking at myself thinking “word search? Really? Like right now you’re completing a word search?” my responding thought was ‘ But what else…?’ lol *covers face*

We are officially on lock-down.

I just came on here to share my mind and heart… You really don’t have to read to the end this is just my outlet.

Feels like all of this was so sudden, like someone pulled my warm comfy fluffy duvet off of me ever so abruptly!  just as I was sinking into a deep sleep, I feel like I’m still trying to gather myself after being awoken… you know, that half asleep, I’m awake but still sleeping, let me gather myself and  even remember where I am kind of feeling… Hmm… God has been giving me peace but if there is one thing I am learning is that I must stay at His feet daily and trust Him for this peace.

Definitely dwindled last night when Boris came online and gave us a good talking to.


It is all very very very real lol…


Another thing… I’m overwhelmed by how prodsuctive I could possibly be in this time! Yes I know it sounds strange but my time scheduling can be quite pants! But I can throw down a good to-do list I guess that is good LOOOL.


There is so much I want to do guys! I guess I’ve got to just muster up  the momentum to do them… wow we are on lock down… mad mad mad LOOL.  I’m literally writing as I am thinking so please forgive the maze talk (yeah I just made that up).

I know a lot of people are writing material and they all seem to be coming across level headed and 100% put together… I’m like so happy for them, like honestly it must be nice lol… But I’m not there right now LOL… I’m not worried, I’m not afraid… I think I am just hyper aware, like described above lol feels like my duvet got torn off of me…. Only thing keeping me level headed and at peace is God and that is even a choice I have to make momentarily like “Hey Lord *waves* Hi, Hi keep talking to me please and thanks”. *covers face*


I honestly do see this time as an opportunity to get creative, seek Gods face, get creative with communication (Hey *waves* google hangout friends), excellent opportunity  to also learn a new skill and just do whatever the Lord has called me to do because the purpose is still remains and the kingdom work still needs to be done.


I think I’ve shared my heart now lol there is another thing I want to share actually lol, that literally just popped into my mind and has given me a sense of relief and that is the saying ‘In light of eternity’. Remembering eternity and viewing things in light of eternity gives me peace in the midst of all the uncertainty re’ this virus. Some may consider that as dismissive… I don’t, I see it as redemptive… redeems the time I’ve spent overthinking, redeems the emotions I’ve expended etc.


In light of eternity… all of this is minor… Hmm I shouldn’t say minor because it’s not minor its serious but compared to God… it’s minor lol (couldn’t think of another word to be honest… forgive lol)


I’m aware all this will pass eventually… My prayer is that Christ will show me how to navigate DAILY through this time and that I hear His voice momentarily… I need Him… I need Him bad.


I also feel like now is the time to make our election sure… seriously examining ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. The devil is going to try and lie to so many of us during this time and I have learnt this is the time to cement our faith! We must stand on the word of God and not give in to the lies of the enemy. We do belong to Him, We will make it, we will fulfil what we ought to fulfil in this time In the name of Jesus. #2020isNOTcancelled


I’ve shared my heart now. If you made it to the end, you smashed it LOOL! You endured my maze talk. I appreciate you lol

Maze Thoughts Image

Pray for a sister as I pray for you.


I love you.


Drey x

What Is In Your Hand?

What Is In Your Hand?

Hey All,

I hope you are all well. I mean this…

In the early hours of the morning I had started thinking deeply about multiplication. What do I have in my hand? That is what I need to multiply.

What stood out to me though was the vision of those that had received the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). I felt like I was the character that had been given one talent but I was overwhelmed with the feeling of not wanting to bury it like the original servant in the bible parable did. In the dream that I had awoken from, it’s as though I began to have deep appreciation for what was in my hand, that ONE talent. Anxiety started to flare up but it was more toward the necessity and the urgency of multiplying this one talent I had in my hand.

This woke me up out of my sleep! And I just felt that I had to write about it. The words I kept hearing were “Multiply what is in your hand! Multiply what is in your hand!” with such urgency too, but I felt like I was getting the second chance the servant in Matthew 25 didn’t get.  In verse 15 Jesus spoke about the talents the king allotted to each one, he gave them no instructions and the last part of that verse it says “and immediately he went on a journey.”  The servant wasn’t told to go and multiply and even though it probably crossed his mind to, fear stopped him. The thoughts of “What if’s” stopped him, the; “will it be good enough?” stopped him; the, “what if the boss doesn’t like the results?” stopped him; the, “What if I don’t get the same results as my colleagues even though I tried?” stopped him. Overthinking stopped him.

With the second chance I have that he never got… Can I let anything stop me? Can I? Can you?

Fear used to cripple me too… but something broke off me this morning. I sense that the talent that got given to me has also come with instructions and that is ‘To go and multiply’. I cannot say I haven’t been told lol.

I never want to hear Jesus call me lazy and wicked… I don’t even want to imagine it. I want to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”!  So on that note, I’m filling back up the whole I dug in order to bury the talent and I’m chucking the shovel away.

Let’s see what I can do with what is in my hands.


What is in your hands? What talent(s) have you been given? How have you started multiplying? Are you overthinking it?

No one is alone on this journey, whatever you have buried that you know you should multiply, go dig it back up, invest it, multiply it and make your King proud.


Be Blessed

Andrea x

Let’s Go… Together 2019

Let’s Go… Together 2019

To Myself and to anyone that could possibly relate,

SO you don’t feel like you can be anything ‘that big’ or ‘that special’ or ‘that useful’ because of what people know about you or because of what you have experienced and what you remember of your self.

Well, I remember that time back at school when I was finally ALLOWED out with my friends (because as you know there are different kinds of prisons Amen! with Officer Mum and Officer Dad) to go cinemas or wherever with my friends or Trocadero (If you know, you know), and the outfit that I wore thinking that my swag was on point LOL! I thought there was no swag like mine whilst looking in my mirror and my friends didn’t tell me any different either! But then after growing up and I looked back at pictures, I recognised that I really should not have left the house, and how in the world did anyone let me leave the house! …

It gets you thinking right… How can I show up here or there when people remember how I USED to dress or be, I can’t possible show up! Sounds shallow, but hey it’s personal lol.

An example I also remember is when I would wear one grey contact lens and the other eye will just be my plain brown eye, belly top jumper with a fake piercing in my navel (who begged me! Gosh I was clearly seeking attention and validation). And that’s how I was remembered by those that grew up with me. *Waves* Hey #10YearChallenge, It’s been great but jheez you really did bring back some memories lol

Yeah see that? I know the example is quite simple maybe even shallow but the point I’m trying to make is that everyone is different now and everything has changed now. And I can’t not show up or delay my true becoming because of the past or what people may think of me! Or what I THINK people may think of me.

For the more serious cases, for example being the girl in the class that had their baby at 14, or being the guy that got arrested and then imprisoned for 8 years during college and didn’t get to finish with his peers, or being the girl that got gang raped by some guys on her block, or being that girl that has a reputation for giving shiners under the staircase in school, or being the other woman in an affair or church scandal.

Whatever it is, I’m not saying you won’t be overwhelmed with thoughts that you cannot become anything! Trust me I have been there and I still struggle with those thoughts at times. But I have learnt something extremely profound and that’s the power of ownership, owning whatever it is that I have been through or that I have done and then asking for support from God to change my thought patterns about myself and my future, acknowledging that those intruding thoughts are LIES and I just cannot continue to allow them to bombard me if I’m trying to move forward!

It is such a struggle, but friend… what would be best? Struggle then live? Or not struggle at all and die?

So whatever it is you know God has put on your heart to do, trust that He is going to work it out and bring it to pass. See yourself as an asset to this generation and also to the Kingdom, you may not know how but if you are alive and able to read this today then I guarantee by the grace of God you will find out what you were called to do when you seek Jesus for the answer.

Let us try to do the hard thing, which is to see past what has happened to us, or what we have done and press towards seeing and becoming the individual Jesus decided to go ahead and die for. Yes, it is actually that deep. Jesus died so that it was possible for YOU and me to become all our maker intended for us to become. Man I don’t know if that makes the task at hand (seeing past everything) any easier but it sure does add weight to its necessity.
Jesus’ death was not in vain, so neither is your survival.

If it helps… you can take comfort in the fact that you are not the only one on this path… You know… The path of having to overcome everything you have been through, everything that you have done or allowed to happen, still having to show up even after everything, not being able to hide or drown because you actually do want to breathe…

I’m making a decision to trust and believe that Jesus was in every moment and it’s Him that gives me purpose and it’s Him that will bring it to pass. Join me in believing the same.

Let’s Go… Together…

And one more thing, you may come across something that gives you flash backs of what has formally happened, or even negative feelings… Take a deep breath friend, consider it as part of the process and let it pass and don’t give it any more stage time than is necessary.
We have got purpose to accomplish and Jesus to make proud.

I hope you heard my heart.

Drey x



Hey All,


Just want to share something real quick. It’s a heart thing lol 🙂


So during worship today after a particular song I started to spontaneously worship singing “ when He walks in the room we will never leave the same, when He walks in the room we never leave the same” and one thing that the Lord strongly put in my heart is that when we worship we are inviting the Lord in but some of us (I’m speaking to myself also here) don’t actually realise we are naked, or we do but we are afraid of him seeing our nakedness, so we hide. My heart was so overwhelmed as I feel I was reminded that God doesn’t want to strike us down when He finds we are naked, He doesn’t desire to laugh at us and make us feel embarrassed or ashamed. In fact, He desires for us to feel safe in our vulnerability before Him and allow Him to clothe us, clothe us in attire that is clean and eternal… Do we want that?


I really had to check my own heart… one thing I don’t ever want to get into a habit of doing is thinking that I had a word for someone and then exempt myself. God forbid. This is to me first.

I’m going to be very honest, there was a time when I would really shy away from being unravelled by the Lord… I remember one time I really felt myself pushing Him away! Simply because I knew I would have to give my all and I was insecure as to whether He would stay with me once He found out about the real me, weaknesses and all. Yeah I know lol. But the idea of just being vulnerable scared me SO MUCH!

I still get that sometimes, especially with new areas I’m facing but my heart is learning to trust more and more on this journey. A note to myself is I must always trust that when Jesus walks in the room and sees my nakedness in a particular area of my life, as much as my initial response might be shock or to quickly cover myself (with either excuses, procrastination, praise or even sacrifice) Jesus desires to take away the temporary and useless coverings and give me a covering that is lasting and useful, of forgiveness, correction, righteousness and joy.

I need to remember that He is my Father and He does discipline those He loves, IN LOVE. If we have gotten naked in an area of our lives let us run to Daddy to clothe us again. Let’s also though, not be careless in flinging off the garment he’s given us any how! Let us treasure His covering of our nakedness by keeping it on lol.


Another thing that is coming to mind is that I also shouldn’t shy away from being stripped naked by the Word of God, this will result in me being clothed with the right attire of Christ-likeness rather than my attire of self-righteousness. This is something I was so reluctant to as well! God is definitely doing a work.


Father God, I’m so thankful for your mercy and truth of which both now I take pleasure in binding to my neck. Help me see that being naked before you is not a bad thing but in fact it is the safest thing ever! May I be intentional in allowing you to strip me and clothe me so that I may look and be like you. Forgive me for all the times I leaned on my own understanding and help me to trust you with all of my heart and acknowledge you in all my ways in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

The Green Lights

The Green Lights

Good Morning Lovelies!


So this morning I had been thinking about a few things. I woke up to start praying, but I really couldn’t formulate any words this morning. It’s like I knew what I wanted to say but it wasn’t necessarily what I needed to pray or what I REALLY wanted to pray so Holy Spirit stepped in and starts interceding for me. After His intercession my perspective changed! I had been thinking about the areas of my life where God had not yet given me the green light and you could say these thoughts were taking over my mind and heart like “God Buh Whyyyyyy Not Now?!!!” and the Lord gave me the wisdom! And that wisdom was to focus on the things that He HAS given me the green light on and then to go full force with them! Step on that gas baby! (no He didn’t say that but you get me lol).

I then started to call out the things He HAS given me the green light on and I just cannot express the joy and excitement I was overwhelmed with! Like woah! I was sulking over this one thing He hasn’t yet given the green light for and for a good reason too! Allowing it to sap my joy, thoughts and energy when I had all these other green lights to go forward with! Oh Drey! Sigh I’m going through a process… I’m learning about myself daily… Jesus is being patient with me, along with those around me also! Lol Amen.

So here’s a list of just some of the things I’ve been given the Green Light on;

  • The Green Light to experience Christ and His grace and mercy
  • The Green Light to believe in the Bible (the written word of God)
  • The Green Light to Read and Study the Bible
  • The Green Light to love and see my family
  • The Green Light to be part of Kingdom work
  • The Green Light to Sing and Dance unto Him whether alone or before People
  • The Green Light to obey Him
  • The Green Light to Blog!
  • The Green Light to work and empower young people
  • The Green Light to Love my Colleagues and Friends
  • The Green Light to rest at night and awake in the morning
  • The Green Light to work on my purpose that he has given me
  • The Green Light to Learn Spanish
  • The Green Light to be part of a church family

Now these are just a few things! I mean, I’m bubbling! With Joy that is.


So I’d like to ask you this… What are you pondering on that the Lord hasn’t given you the green light on just yet? Are you going to keep pondering? Bad idea… If you’re anything like me and you don’t like headaches I suggest you quit pondering and start being grateful and list the things you do have the green light for! I know my list seems like they are things that are just meant to be anyways! Well it’s not the same for everyone so I’m mega thankful! YOU can be too!

So come on think… What have you got the green light to do? I can give you 2

  1. The Green Light to wake up this morning, breathe and smile and eat! (If you aren’t fasting lol)
  2. The Green Light to read this post lol

How many more can you think of? I pray you the Lord helps you think of them all in Jesus’ name *Big Smile*



Father, In the name of Jesus

Be exalted Lord. Thank you for giving us a new day, a new opportunity to do things better and to obey you better than yesterday. Help us to be grateful for the things you have given us the Green Light on, Help us recognise them all and be excited about pursuing them to your glory and with your strength. Help us love you more, help us recognise how deep your love is for us also. Amen.

Hope you heard my excitable heart this AM.

Much Love!

D x

This Season!

This Season!

Tests, tests, tests, tests!

Gotta love them!

Trials, trials, trials, trials!!

Gotta have them!

Gosh as beautiful as the last few months have been( trust me they have been beautiful ❤️❤️🙈🙈) they have also been the toughest! Mind Battles are real! And the enemy had been trying it!!! I wasn’t ready!

I look forward to sharing my testimony! Gonna be a big and powerful one by the grace! Overcoming the enemy like a violent wave! In fact! Like an erupted volcano! Messing with the Child of God! Imagine?!

What I have learned so far

1. I must always be ready for battle. When things are peaceful that is when I should be loading my spiritual AK! Sharpening my sword etc

2. I can’t believe everything that comes to mind! No matter how nice it sounds! If it’s not confirmed in the bible it is dangerous for me to say God said it! Oh! We can talk about this if you want lol.

3. I MUST Surrender, Surrender, Surrender! Always! My desires almost threw off  but thankfully I placed them in the hands of Jesus! I’m happy to talk about this too lol



Short post I know. Update I guess… until the time comes to share all… when that will be I do not know! But I’m excited any how! Something is cooking that’s for sure!

I’m thankful for every test, every trial and every tribulation!

Romans 5:3-4 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope:


Lets look to that hope. Hope doesn’t disappoint.

Hope you heard the whispers of my heart 🙈


Until next time… Remain focused, Trust the Word, He is our peace.

Drey x

Don’t Feed Your Fears. Feed Your Faith

Don’t Feed Your Fears. Feed Your Faith

I’m learning that even the comments and status’ you read on social media can feed your fear. Reading people’s anxieties can feed yours, hearing people’s horror story can make you doubt your coming victory.

When a woman is pregnant for the first time, it wouldn’t be helpful if she heard of every other woman’s horror birth story.

When a woman is in a relationship hoping it goes towards marriage it doesn’t help if she reads and is told about how hard and difficult things will be and for the divorce rate to be glorified to her.

When one is pursuing purpose and they strongly feel the Lord is in it, horror stories like “yeah I thought the Lord was calling me to that too but he wasn’t and it didn’t work out. I was scared this and disappointed that, judgement this and missing the mark that”

It is tooo much!

Come on… are we going to learn to encourage each other and speak life into one another?!

I could go on… but this is encouragement for anyone that’s going through a new season… Please focus on things that build your faith and do not chew on things that feed your fears.

You don’t have to go in search of what a million people say on one topic, how about enjoying the presence of the Lord, enjoying what you read in the word and seek out wise counsel when you’re feeling a bit puzzled or confused regarding something.

Seeking out wisdom is good but we must be wise and discerning when doing so. Don’t look for something that will confirm and affirm and stroke your fear! Look for things that will build and affirm and seal your faith!

And for those who just have this habit of pouring out fear into people I encourage you to go and spend some time in the presence of the Lord, let Him fix it. It’s not good.

Ephesians 4:29 – Scripture for those who find it difficult to speak life

29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Philippians 4:8- For those wanting to feed their faith

8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


I hope this encouraged SOMEBODY. Encourage someone today. You’ll find after doing so, you yourself will be encouraged. We are one body remember, every part affects another part.

Have an amazing grace filled day.

Love Andrea