Lunch With The First Lady

Good Morning Beautiful People 🙂

Now before I share this, it would be useful to give a little info about it. This was one of the blog posts that I really wanted to share…. But I just didn’t… sigh lol, I woke up this morning and I was reflecting on this afternoon/evening I had with the first lady and honestly…. It is SUCH privilege to have someone that invests! so much wisdom, love, knowledge and time into me.

I Love her.

I hope you hear my heart. x

Saturday 4th January 2014

Lunch with the First Lady

Wow… I must say it’s been the best day so far. I have one of the most amazing women in my life, and this woman is the pastors’ wife, the First lady of my Church. Today we went for lunch at harvesters in Streatham… Honestly every word this woman speaks is inspiration to me, encouragement to me and Challenging to me. Honestly she challenges my thought processes, she challenges my heart, she challenges my drives and she does all this by just sharing numerous testimonies about HERSELF! I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve never met someone who can make such a weighty impact from testifying about themselves! Three words that I took away from our conversations that I pray never leave me, but will change how I behave, how I think and how I act, are the following; Heart, Attitude and Souls. She explained how our motives and actions are from a deeper area than we think, and we must examine our hearts properly to discover where our attitudes towards pursuing different things are from, and whether or not they are as good, beneficial and pure as we think they are…. Are these desires, attitudes and motives really harmless…? Like the seeking of different ways to make money… that is good… however what is the attitude behind this… If it is discontentment, then this attitude is wrong and all that we do is in vain… I tell you… that being said alone BLEW my mind…. Then she spoke about her book and oh was I inspired! She reminded me that all that we do, we must have souls for the kingdom in mind, after all, all that we achieve and gather on earth is temporary and has no spiritual bearing or  eternal destinies! … I HAD to ask myself… had the winning of souls become a fading agenda in my now ambitious success driven mind… the feeling of falling to my knees to repent overwhelmed my soul…why? Because I had forgotten about souls. A renewal and restoration was indeed necessary…. But the thoughts that also flooded every cortex of my mind were… how long would it take for me to find, examine and correct everything in my heart that I knew I needed correcting….? How long would it take to actually let go of the cares that I Oh so willingly allowed to cling to my heart like a leech and not excluding the effects of sucking me till I was dry and only filled with worry, anxiety and scepticism… Sigh… All these things running through my mind as I heard her continue to share her testimony in the calm and gentle voice that she has … blessing me with advice…. I had so much to say… I didn’t even know where to start…. So I sighed deeply, gestured a deep nod and a shaking of the head to demonstrate that I was hearing and through what I was hearing I was experiencing an intense pressing of conviction…. I’m sure my eyes watered a few times… I’m sure….

Wow I could go on… I’m completely inspired… today also marks the 3rd year of my transformation in Christ, my reconciliation… It’s been the best day to celebrate it…. The Lord is so good and is Always Good! And will always be good to me!

I’m learning more and more that I just CAN’T walk this road alone. Christ has put in each and everyone of our lives PEOPLE and if not people, then a PERSON, that truly draws us near to Him. I want to encourage you, if you feel alone and you are praying for God to send you someone that will strengthen you, and will pick you up when you fall, and that you can be accountable to… He will bring that person, He will bring those people…

If you look around… they may already be there… Your church family, your family, your friends… But it may be that your heart needs to soften, open up and trust again… It’s not easy… especially when so many things have happened that have destroyed you on the inside… Give it to Jesus… I promise you that He will bind up those wounds and He will mend your shattered heart, He will even give you a new one…

Trust Him…

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

9 Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10 If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

God doesn’t want real trouble for you!

So wait for Him, as you cry out to Him, stand on Him and He WATCH Him come through for you.

This entry went in a total different direction than I had planned lol. But speaking about being alone really came heavy on my heart.  God knows what He is doing.

My Prayer is that during this time of feeling alone, that you will not heed the voice of the enemy telling you that you are forsaken, and that no one loves you or that no one will ever understand you… IT IS A LIE!

Please, Please don’t throw in the towel. Seek the Lords face! BELIEVING that He will come through and I PROMISE you that He will!

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him,for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

God hears your heart.

I hope you heard mine.

I Love you.

God Bless You.





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