Your Season Of Growth

Good Morning Beautiful People,

*Sigh* I don’t know exactly what you are going through but I would like to encourage you by telling you to press on… Your latter will indeed be greater. If you have laid everything out before the Lord and you have searched your heart and have made sure that it is right with God but you are still experiencing hardship, confusion, uncertainty, strife, loss and more… I know it’s going to sound super weird but I ask that you rejoice… Yes, rejoice. This is your season of REFINEMENT… So this HEAT that you are feeling is only so you can become PURE GOLD and this PRESSURE… Well this PRESSURE is so that you become that DIAMOND and the most precious one.
In this walk you will go through many different seasons but after each one I guarantee you if you JUST hold on, you will indeed be triumphant and you will indeed thank God for taking you through that season and for gracing you with the wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding you have gained AND also the deeper desire you’ve grown to love on Christ a little harder!
Believe me it is so worth it.

I say this because I have recently come out of a season and goodness was it one that I found difficult! I had stopped working and I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t getting the job I wanted as soon as I wanted… I had PLANS! God had other plans though lol. So three weeks went by and thankful to God I still had a little money left from what I had saved… but then that ran out… I really had no clue as to what I was going to do… But I had to keep going. Next my car had broken down… in a place so far from home! (That story is indeed for another time lol) NO CAR! I really didn’t know how I was going to survive without the car! What also puzzled me was how no one could fix it or diagnose it or that the asking price to TRY and fix it was more than half of what I paid for it! My little runner was dead… at the time I really didn’t understand what God was trying to show me or tell me but I was growing so frustrated, I was feeling confused about the next step in life to take… I would be in tears every other night because I just couldn’t hear God reveal anything about what was going on or what He wanted me to do or go into! There were days I had to walk to Church, to bible study, places I would drive to I had to start planning bus journeys because I couldn’t take the train! Lol Oh Andrea…

I really had to sit before the Lord and ask some questions and I weren’t moving until I got some and when I did…. He started to show me little by little that I was being humbled… I was saying to the First Lady of my Church that I felt Gods aim was to pull away every crutch that I was holding on to, He stripped me of everything I was dependent on… Job, Money, Car, Phone, counsel from friends! and it’s only then I realised that God was trying to get me to see Him for Him! And Him alone! He was trying to communicate that He isn’t God just because He has given me all the things I enjoy but He is God with no ‘Because’ and He wanted me ALONE with HIM.
Hebrews 12:11 Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

I was now beginning to understand… However He hadn’t finished yet… I went to an event called Brains & Beauty by LoveLimitless and during the praise and worship at the close of the event God revealed the purpose of this season and changed my heart towards it… I had a flash back of everything I was dependent on and distracted by and suddenly became thankful for all that I had lost, I was thankful that I no longer had any crutches! And through that I grew to know God a little more than the day, week, and year before! I wept and I wept and I wept! I was so thankful that God wanted to show Himself to me so much that He felt the need to HELP me take my eyes off of all distractions and fix my eyes on HIM and HIM ALONE by TAKING them away Himself lol! He wanted this season to be a season where I sought HIM FIRST and not always the counsel of others to the point where I would seek another’s counsel and I just could not get through to them! Or they couldn’t give me the response I needed and they’d push me to Christ!
God was calling me to Himself to prepare for the next season… After I recognised the purpose of this season God gave me a vision of what He wanted to use me for… Goodness if I had resisted the Lord in this season and continued to complain and sulk! I would have missed the opportunity to be used by Him!

I’m trusting Him for my next position.

I’m content taking the bus and walking for now I’ve recently just got my car towed away after a series of tickets but I was so at peace!IMG_5437

And financially the Lord has miraculously been providing! Gosh!

I’m so thankful for my portion, so, so thankful and I encourage you to be the same… Be thankful for your current portion… If God is who He indeed says He is, then you shall NEVER lack any good thing so long as you keep SEEKING Him with ALL of YOU No matter the weather!
Psalm 34:10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing.

God is indeed a Jealous God but I love that about Him.
He wants all of You… ALL OF YOU… Give Him You.
I Hope You heard My Heart
I Hope You Hear His.

Jesus Loves You and has a plan for you and if that means making you a little uncomfortable for you to reach there… then God is going to make you a little uncomfortable lol.

Until Next Time
Pursue God.

Let Him Handle You x

handled rose

Andrea xxx


3 thoughts on “Your Season Of Growth

  1. This is good…. its all part of growing in his sight and being able to eat the solids he provides us with as opposed to the milk.. growth!!!… distractions by material.. being concerned with outward appearances.. the list goes on.. the message you are receiving is real… listen still… there is more… but what comes after you wont even imagine…. he is ahead of u preparing the space that you will enter into next to be filled with blessings you cant even imagine.. the car, people, job etc are just part of what need not distract you from properly hearing nor receiving

    1. Gosh Amen Sis… I am Before Him more than ever because there is defo more and I just can’t handle anything more without Him lol. Thanks for the encouragement Sis xxx

      1. Thats how we do…. theres part of me initially that was gutted u never told me.. butbthen im glad cos what we speak outwardly about our problems is powerful too.. and he is the best person to share all things with… but u are doing well with him or he wouldnt take the time to do what he is…. so u must be exceptionally deserving of blessings hun xx

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