ALMOST Living a Life for Christ?

Have you ever thought about your life’s true devotion and where it actually lies? Can you imagine standing before the Lord and even without Him opening His mouth you know that your ‘Just-About’ service to Christ had robbed you of your chance of spending the whole of eternity with Jesus…. I want you to just […]

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Sorry It’s Been Long….

Hi Guys, Sorry it’s been so long. I can assure you I will be posting up real soon. Don’t forget that Jesus Loves you! Love Him and Believe with all your heart that you are called according to His Purpose, Thus all will work out well for your Good (Romans 8:28). I love you still. […]

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The Job Search Season

Originally posted on Testimonies Speak:
Evening everybody! Here I am again with an unplanned post. The Holy Spirit lead me into writing this post after rereading Jeff’s testimony (check out previous post). We are currently in the season where we have fresh graduates (congratulations y’all! Woo!) are looking for jobs. We also have those non/degree…

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*poem* I Am Your Woman

I am Your Woman I am the woman that wants to do right by You Your Will Be done By me And It is sealed Locked up  And believe I have swallowed the key So that Not only does the work of You flow from my heart But also what I speak will be living […]

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