*poem* I Am Your Woman

I am Your Woman
I am the woman that wants to do right by You
Your Will
Be done
By me
And It is sealed
Locked up 
And believe I have swallowed the key
So that
Not only does the work of You flow from my heart
But also what I speak will be living waters bursting from my Belly

I am Your woman
Where You want me to go, I will go
And where You lead I will follow
I won’t wait for tomorrow 
For I know procrastination is not to Your taste
So my Husband believe me
With Your will I will make haste

I am Your woman
That once was everyone else’s woman but your woman 
I am the woman You met at the well
Desperate looking for a way out
You told me all that I ever did
But called me woman 
I then called myself Your woman
My way out is to be Your woman

I am Your woman 
And I say you are worth all the perfumed oil and more from my alabaster box
With the tears that reached your feet
And the hair that cleansed your feet
I declare! 
I am Your Woman! 
And I love You more because my debt was large but You still chose to forgive me and have me as Your woman

What love is this that you will bypass all my sins just to be with and embrace me!
In fact it pleasures you much 
That whilst in my shame I managed to face thee. 
Oh Jesus…
I am staying as Your woman. 

I am Your Woman 
It was me
I touched thee
In attempt to be healed and close
You are Who I need the most

At Your feet first is where you’ll see me
Before any Holy Matrimony 
I can promise you that I’m not a phoney 
You are My one and only
Before Becoming anyone’s Woman

I am YOUR woman
The woman that wants to do right by You
With Your Will locked up in my heart
And the key in my belly 
I’ll be flowing and bursting
In pursuit of You

Yours sincerely 

Your Woman

Who do you belong to? Give Him all of you! Don’t fear man, fear God! He’s handling you, you really have nothing to lose xxx

He loves you so much

Hear Him.

Andrea xx


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