Feeling Inadequate?

Okay, so you have this desperate urge to do more and better for the Lord but you really don’t feel that you’re cut out to be used by Him at all. The feeling of inadequacy overwhelms you because you look at those around you, your friends, those serving in church or those ministers that you see online and you really want to retreat in to a cave somewhere (because you feel they are doing so much better that you!), that way you won’t have to experience the feelings of jealousy, anxiety, unworthiness and inadequacy all at once.

I would like to tell you that You Are Indeed Cut out to Be Used by God. Final. But you need to start watching, watering and tending your own grass.

The problem we are having today is that far too many people are watching other peoples’ grass and considering it to be greener “Oh My Days… Ugh I wish I was like her” or “Man she must be on a very high level with God look at her ministry” or “He must be very mature to be a minister that young” or “They are so good at speaking and they are good looking if I ever tried to do that no one would receive it” or “God loves them probably more than me, they probably pray more than me or fasted for a million days”. Then we start thinking that maybe we are just not that close to God! Listen! You are your Beloveds and His desire is toward you! He also DESIRES to use you and YOU ARE useable!

Firstly, think about your actual relationship with Christ… Is it where it should be? Where should it be you ask? It should be in a place where you have laid every sin and every weakness before Him, You have become transparent and emptied all before Him and you’re ready to submit and live a life of obedience.

It is possible to feel inadequate or unable to be used by God when we know deep in our hearts that there is something spiritually hindering us, this could be secret sin, unforgiveness in our hearts towards another and also ourselves, disobedience to something the Lord had asked you to do a while ago and you still have not and any other thing that we can be personally aware of. The way to resolve that though is going to The Lord and laying everything down! If you’re thinking “But that’s what I’m running away from! Laying everything down… because if I do I may still make the same mistakes! What then?!” I say you go back and lay them down again! And tell the Lord that you are WEAK and ask Him to strengthen you… THEN exercise that strength. Think of the great people used by God in the Bible… They ALL had weaknesses BUT they were all TRANSPARENT, OPEN, HONEST AND HUMBLE before the Lord.

So to successfully tend your own grass you must find out what is wrong with it. Is your grass withering? Is it growing brown? What are you doing about it? What are you GOING to do about it?


How much time are you spending before God? This just dropped into my spirit… Are you idolising position and desiring to LOOK like an active member of the Body of Christ or are you GENUINELY desiring to do something for the Lord but just you don’t know where to start?

If you are the former, I plead with you to repent of that attitude and really just go before God and develop your relationship with Him, He wants you for Himself first before any ministry, He doesn’t want you to get busy for Him if your heart isn’t right with Him. He wants your heart, He wants all of you first. The people you see in ministry, they were not born with one, they had to develop their relationship with the Lord, that way God could pluck out anything and everything that may act as a hindrance to the ministry that He would one day entrust them with. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to look so busy for the Lord that you actually miss the Lord. L.

If you are the latter, I urge you to spend time with God, learn to hear His voice and appreciate the things that you are already doing for Him (if you are currently doing something for Him), Do not seek the bigger things, Christ has said that when we are faithful with our little He will entrust us with much, so I encourage you to take pride in what the Lord has given you the privilege to be steward over. If you genuinely feel that you could do more for the Lord, for example in church speak to your leadership about it as it could be the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart to bring you in to a new season.  Most importantly seek Jesus.


I Hope you heard my heart.


He Loves You For Real.


Let Him Handle You.

handled rose

Andrea x



4 thoughts on “Feeling Inadequate?

  1. Christ was, is, always will be ready to help you water your grass.

    I enjoyed reading this. Even the best of us still need a reminder of this.

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