Take God Out The Box

Good Evening Lovelies,


I’ve been meaning to share this for a while.

In the videos I speak about the lesson I learnt during my encounter with The Lord. My aim is to communicate how possible it is to have a a real personal relationship with The Lord and howwwww creative He is when we have an open mind and heart to Him! Lets get rid of our Naman mindset! We will not from this day forward be consumed by the leprosy of preconceived perceptions of how The Lord is or how He should be or how He should speak to us. Stay in the Word of God and Stay connected to Holy Spirit.


Really hope you guy are well.


Jesus loves you so much and Ohhh how He longs to inhabit in your praise and see you enjoying the melodies He sings over you!


Let Him Handle You.


Love You Much!


Hope the videos minister to you!




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