God Gave Me Boldness

Wow! So tonight was the night of Solomons Muse! Can I say that it was just sooooo amazing!

I’m just going to be really honest with you and share my testimony and prayerfully I hope it encourages you!

So for a couple of months my heart had been experiencing the stirring up to evangelise more. Not just with my Church (Life Transforming Ministry) on some Saturdays but also by my self, making it my life to reach out to the lost!

Howeverrrrrr, there was a problem… A hurdle! And that was that I just didn’t have enough boldness to do what I felt fired up in my bones to do!…. This was to preach on buses!

I had been praying for boldness but whenever I would sit on the bus I would just be so overwhelmed with anxiety! (FEAR)! (And after getting off the bus I would feel so defeated!!! And i’d begin to condemn myself! And think God wouldn’t ever speak to me or use me because I couldn’t do something as simple as preach on the bus! The condemnation was REAL! Wasn’t the Holy Spirit at all! If you’re feeling like this it won’t help you!)

But yes! I didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening! I believed in Christ I trusted Him so what was the problem!

I was on the bus with my friend Lena and we had got on the bus after witnessing to a guy who gave His life to Christ! (Yesss!!! Whoop whoop!!!). And she had been saying before we got on the bus that witnessing and evangelism flows out of the LOVE of God!

That was it for me… That was it…. It suddenly clicked…. My desire to evangelise had become works related as opposed to letting it flow out of love. “Perfect love casts out all Fear” 1 John 4:18.

And after praising and worshiping for an hour at Solomons Muse, God made His love soooo clear and I became soooo fullll! And I thought “this cannot be contained! Neither can it be kept to myself!”

This lead to me then witnessing to a man… His heart melted and he surrendered his life to Jesus! Me and my Friend were super excited! I mean we weren’t even gonna go into the Chinese shop this guy was in!

So, we took his details and we went our way. Still in awe, I had told my friend how I struggled to bolster the confidence to share the gospel with everyone on the bus, that’s when she started saying that perfect love casts out fear and she said she would back me lol… The bus 109 came and we got on, it honestly felt like there was fire in my bones!!!

As I sat on the upper deck my thoughts were going a million mph! My friend didn’t know whether to start eating or not! Then… I got up… I actually got up… Went all the way to the front and greeted everyone… The loudest individuals on the bus grew quiet… And they stared…. I then began to speak…. Wow.

It was truly The Lord that gave me the boldness because when I sat back down it didn’t feel like I was the individual that went up there! When people started to leave the bus they looked up at me and told me to keep the faith, saying God bless etc. Now I know it won’t be like that all the time! But God graced me the first experience lol.

The purpose of this post is to TESTIFY! INSPIRE! and to ENCOURAGE!

God did it in me! Something I was afraid of doing! YES I was afraid! But His love DROVE that out and we must allow His love to drive out all things not of Him, daily.

Now if you’ve been feeling to share the gospel but you can’t really get your self to do it… It is God that does it in you! And when the time for you to do it has come IT WILL happen! It should never be done out of fear “if I don’t share the gospel ima go hell so I’ve gotta do it” no! It should be out of “Wow Christ loves me SOOO much and He loves everyone so deeply too, I just can’t bare for them to not know the love and salvation of Christ!!” So on and so forth.

Get your friends to pray for you too. My friend said she prayed for me silently. Immediately after she prayed I got up.

But yes be encouraged! Whatever it is you wanna do but you’re reluctant to do, just trust God, be open and honest about your struggle then watch God work lol. He will blow your mind.

I’m soooo excited with what God is going to do next! Honesty fear has been driven out and trampled upon!

I love you!
Jesus Loves you more!
Let Him Handle You!

Andrea aka Dreya 🙂



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