Hey Lovelies,

This year has been interesting to say the least and we are only a couple months in! But goodness I am bubbling with excitement with what The Lord is doing and what He is going to do!


I wanted to share what I have learned recently. Some of you are probably thinking “wow! She’s excited”… My response to that is that I haven’t always been…. In fact just the other day I noticed I was feeling sad and void! My excitement was SO inconsistent it was unreal!

But then I learnt…. My excitement would remain consistent as consistent I am with renewing my mind!

See what I was doing was trying to rely on the excitement and victories and ‘feelings’ of motivation from yesterday! I was expecting to wake up every morning feeling the same! THAT’S not possible! No matter how late into the night we stayed up speaking positivity in to our lives, no matter how long we prayed in tongues for! When we sleep and we wake up it’s a must to… Yup you guessed it- RENEW OUR MINDS.

There have been some morning I have woken up and not been mindful of the future plans, current plans, promises of God, and because of that I’d be overwhelmed with idleness


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