The First Book Of Our First Lady: Things Do Change

So this year has started amazingly! And it is all down to the grace of God! Now do you remember when I spoke to you about my First Lady in my Church, Life Transforming Ministry..? Well she continues to encourage me and inspire me daily!

I’d like to announce that she has written her first book! And it is called ‘Things Do Change’. Now the way the book came about is a testimony all in itself and she will be sharing this soon! And I will be keeping everyone updated!
In her book she covers the struggles she had when she was a new convert and speaks about her transition from being a single mum of one to being a married woman. She speaks about the power of Jesus and His faithfulness in transforming a heart that is broken and filled with hurt from the past which leads to faulty mind-sets with amazing illustrations and real life examples.
When I read this book I was literally in tears! It showed me my heart and gave me hope and lead me to the cross of Christ even more!
There is hope in Christ, Things DO Change <3!! I’m so thankful that God led this beautiful woman who is such an amazing friend to me, to write this book.

If you would like to read it for yourself see the link below 

Things do change

If you would like to visit us and see where we are based feel free! We will welcome you! The address and contact details are below 

Life Transforming Ministry

Sunday Service: 11am-1pm
Wednesday Bible Study: 7pm-9pm
Studio 3 (Buzz Studio 3),
130 Brixton Hill,

Telephone: 07539894989


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