Look Across the Waters

Reading over this again and all my storms stopped raging. I thank God for His Peace. x

Heated Gold and Pressured Coal

“When it seems like the storm is the only entity that cradles you… Look across and upon the waters… Your saviour walks…” – Chatterton, S.A (2014)

I had recently been so tired from work and other responsibilities, however it seemed like the only kind of rest that existed for me was my inhale and exhale and even at one point that became difficult!

I needed a break! I needed a breather!
I needed peace…

Then I was reminded… My saviour walks upon the waters that trouble me and commands them to be still… Just for me… Just for me…

Sigh… I’m so thankful.

My heart to YOU:

Jesus has you! Let Him calm your storm! You may be one that thinks about everything and everyone else but yourself and one that has a trillion ideas and thoughts and tries to execute them all at once! My lovely you really are…

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