Remember. Praise. Live.

Hey Hey Hey x 🙂

I know in my previous post I mentioned that I would do a blog post entitled ‘Will You Wait For Him’ but in all honesty I feel the time has not yet come for me to express all that I would desire to, but we will see what God says… It’s been an interesting season for me, one where I have been challenged to step out of my comfort zone, however I somehow on many occasions lol managed to crawl back into ‘that place’ lol unnoticed.. Well at least that’s what I thought… Which is one of the reasons I didn’t write much on here… I’m just so thankful for the grace of my Lord you know! Hmm… so thankful… He called me out! lol He brought me back to focusing on what was important, loving what He gave me the heart to love and doing with my WHOLE heart what brought Him glory. And out of that birthed this small piece of encouragement that had a major impact that Holy Spirit gave to me. I could not not share it.

Remember what the Lord had spoken to you regarding your purpose…

Remember the things He has said He wanted you do…

Remember what He promised He would grace you to do ages ago…

Remember what you got excited about…

Remember the ideas that bounced off of each other when the Lord gave you the first one…

Remember these things…

And now compare them to what you’ve been stressing about or thinking about so much…

I bet they don’t compare! Not even a little bit!

There’s so much to look forward to! Gods will will ALWAYS prevail… so lets go back to focusing on Him and what He has told us and not our hustle, not our pain, not this guy/girl we think we like, not the car we think we must have, not the job we think we must have, not the attention we think we need.

How about just keeping it simple… Do what God has given you the grace to do. Has he graced you to encourage people? Do it. Has he graced you to give? Do it. Has he graced you to set up an organisation that will help 1000s of Children? Do it! Has he graced you to help people get fit? Do it Has He graced you to sing, dance or more? Do it! Has He graced you to teach? Do it.

I’m encouraged. I started to forsake what God had given me the grace to do, because I started to feel like I wasn’t the right person for whatever it is He said. That was blatantly a lie from the enemy because the enemy hates the fruit of our obedience!

There is much fruit on the other side of your obedience, healing for yourself and for others, salvation, joy, inspiration, and awakening for others, for your family, for your friends! all this is waiting on the other side of your obedience and more…

So just Remember Everything He Has Said. Praise God for reviving your passion and desire. Now Live.

Honestly, Live.


To the Glory of God.

Much Love,

Drey x


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