So! What’s Been Going On?

It’s been a while… AGAIN! I’m hoping you haven’t given up on me though.

Different things have happened since the last time I blogged properly. I don’t know if you remember my first post, when I mentioned I woke up one morning feeling stuck and then the Holy Spirit showed me why I had woken up feeling this way? And then he reminded me of my desires from years ago! ‘Please Pursue Purpose’ that’s the post.

WELLLLLL…. Guess what? This year it came to fruition! Well it has begun I should say and I’m sooooo excited! I so wish I didn’t worry as much as I did back then but I’ve asked the Lord to forgive me of my wavering heart and since then I’ve been going from faith to faith and glory to glory!

This blog post is more of an update/testimonial of what’s been going on this year and my aim is to be super honest whilst at the same time being super wise and hopefully will encourage others to get closer to Christ, spend more time with Him and learn more and more on how to trust and obey and grow in tremendous faith… I’m talking “Hey Lord, can I step out on that water with you over there” Kinda faith!

So let’s give you the run-down of what has happened this year which kinda flows from last year but what the hey! Let’s go!

I started a job in recruitment advertising basically telesales for a really great company I learned that it just was NOT the role for me! HOWEVER I do believe, thinking about it now that I was sent there on for a reason and it wasn’t ONLY to discover how much I disliked sales(Hey, it’s not for everybody). I wasn’t supposed to be there long and God set it up in a way where I could not get comfortable. I believe I was there to encourage a brother in Christ to get fired up again and return to his first love! Because literally after doing that a week later we both no longer worked for the company, in fact we left on the same day! Amazing right?

Another update I’m still single however that ALMOST changed but I am sooooo thankful to God that nothing happened and that nothing willlll ever happen outside of His will. God knows why… because I won’t lie things were really confusing in the beginning and you know and I know that our Lord is NOT the author of confusion… But I really tried to make things make sense! But the way things were going back and forth really pushed me to the feet of Christ more and more and the more I did that the more clarity I got! Unfortunately love was semi awoken before its time and when put back to sleep it was unexpected but one thing I learned through that experience was that Christ should be sought diligently and all parties that are accountable for your spiritual life should be consulted prior to ANY conversation or idea of entering a relationship with the opposite sex IT DOESN’T MATTER OF YOU FEEL YOU ‘HEARD’ God or you received ‘many confirmations’. I didn’t do that. But hey I’m here now! Single AND I don’t feel burdened or pressured to make a decision! One thing I learnt from this also is that when it comes to this whole relationship thing, because God is the author of peace, this thing will be smoooothhhhh Unless God says otherwise!  So woohoo! God saved me from making a decision that wasn’t authorised by Him. He saved me from just going with my emotions because beliievveeeee me my emotions were all over the place like a striker who’s on the pitch alone ;). But honestly the more I got quiet before the Lord the more He started to reveal to me His will for my life and I found that starting that relationship was NOT it!

I believe God has so much planned for me to do before that time comes! It’s super exciting to know I’m being made! I wish I could say everything! But wisdom says no, not yet! So not yet! You’re literally reading the way my mind flows… It’s hard to work out a person’s personality through their writing… well for some anyways…. BUT I digress!

This year I went back to a school I started working at in 2013 right after I graduated from university, at that time I had no clue what the will of God for my life was so I was frustrated and all that jazz at the time. I’m happy to say that I am back at the school and I’m actually super happy! The way it happened was to me a miracle! I had been working at the school via and agency and just when I was about to head out again a position came up! At first I wasn’t going to apply for it because I thought ‘I’ve done this before, I might not get it’ But I honestly felt the Lord say apply for it and others told me to also, and it’s really funny because the week before I had said that I didn’t mind how much they paid me or what I did I would just love to stay with the students (I really did mean that).

So I went for the post… And I literally prayed and said ‘Lord, forget about what I want just please choose who you know will be good for the children’ Because at the end of the day that is really all I cared about. The VP (Vice Principal)  called me into the office and to be honest I had prepared myself for a ‘no’ or ‘sorry’, that was the keyword I was listening out for (Hey I’m not usually a pessimist, an optimist actually but let’s call this being cautious lol) I sat down and he began to speak… I hadn’t heard the key words yet so I really wasn’t sure what was being said LOL So I asked the VP to repeat himself and he did and I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t stop laughing. The VP and his PA were puzzled! All I kept saying is “If you but knew my story” lol. Hey, it was an interesting  year lol. So now I finally work at place I’m excited to go to every morning!

In the past year God has given me so many visions and honestly fear can cripple the greatest visionary, so this year I had to crack down on fear and really tell it escort itself out of my heart and mind, of course with the firm ushering of the Holy Spirit. One of the visions was starting a business and working with the skill of my hands and encouraging others to do the same. From a young age my mum would always tell me that “A woman must find her hand.” And that has been something I’ve worked on. Sooooo, at the end of August I did an unofficial launch of my own business in Beauty Therapy, it was the initialising of it, testing the waters I’d call it. Gosh it took some faith and encouragement! I thank God for the individuals that encouraged me! But yes! It has begun! And honestly I feel I am walking in purpose.

Sigh there’s so much more I could say… But  wouldn’t  want to ruin the surprises. I’m just super excited!

When life starts to get overwhelming just remember that you have a purpose to get excited about. God has given you visions and promises and what’s so exciting is that they’ll come into fruition. I can guarantee that! He doesn’t lie.

So Let’s stop focusing so much on the cares of this life, and what we can’t do or what find difficult to do and be excited about the talents and gifts God has given us! And remember to run with it!

Hopefully I encouraged someone today!

It’s 5:43 I should really be in the car on my way to the gym… I really just want to go back to bed 😥 gosh discipline is everything!

Have an amazing day xxx

Ask me questions I’ll be as open as a book lol

Much Lovings

Hope you’ve heard my heart

Jesus Loves You!

Let Him Handle You x



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