Ever Been Bored? This COULD Be Dangerous

Good Evening Guys!

This evening I spent time with my friends, I should really say sisters because they are absolutely amazing and I am sooooo thankful for them! Like honestly! For the past couple days I had been feeling super weird and the enemy just kept planting ideas into my head! I’m not one that gets bored easy but goodness I was experiencing boredom… I just wanted to do something wild like jump out of plane (with a parachute of course) at 10:30pm! #ThugLife *Puts Shades on* I kid I kid. But honestly it felt like all I was doing was working and going to Church nothing else although this wasn’t true that’s exactly what it felt like.

So you can imagine in those moments the thoughts that so swiftly entered my mind not regarding security at all were the memories of what I would do before Christ when I would feel bored… I was getting flash backs! Oh gosh the temptation to holla certain individuals crossed my mind I cannot lie to you…. But I kept it together. Apart from the fact that I probably didn’t have their numbers any more anyway! That wasn’t the only thing that stopped me from ringing but it was mostly due to the knowledge that there’d be no benefit!  Yeah I’d get the attention, then what? Yeah I’d get the time, then what? Yeah I’d ‘feel’ loved or wanted or whatever else, THEN WHAT?!

After being schooled by the Holy Spirit I realised that I needed to go and sit at the feet of Christ even though I didn’t want to or feel like it and I just had to get whole again because without me being aware I was trying to fill up voids. So you know what I did..??? I started praising… I started thanking God for my portion, I started thanking Him for my purpose, I started thanking Him for all the things He has done for me and has revealed to me, I started thanking Him for all the times He rescued me outta silly situations I put myself in that If I wasn’t careful I was about to put myself in again that night!

After praising, I started getting whole again, started getting filled up and pumped again. Boredom fled because I went back to thinking about the important things I had and had to do, not the meaningless things I wanted and what I felt I wanted to do. See it?



The Absence of Purposeful Thinking Resulting in the Entrance of Ambivalent Thoughts Leading to Desperate Desires to Pursue Meaningless Things.


That’s just my definition of boredom… I’m sure you could come up with many more. Actually I’d so love to hear yours!  Inbox or comment your own definition of boredom.

Regarding boredom, I had to renew my mind and refocus of purposeful things. The night after which is tonight the Lord blessed me with sweet time with friends! 12 Years of Friendship and still going strong! It was amazing spending time with my best friends’ family and our best friend from school. It reminded me that I don’t need no random Harry, Matt or Jacob to get me excited, I don’t need no event, Jazz bar or bouncy castle to get me pumped!

There is a time for everything and I believe this time I just needed encouragement from family! Not a random from CallMe Avenue or KissMe Street or LetsTakeADrive Estate! Alright I went a bit far but you get me lol. I passed the test! Praise Jesus!

I’m just trying to be transparent; after all it is what I said I’d be.


5 Tips to Kill Boredom or to stop it from being quenched by Jo from TouchMyLeg Street or LinkMe Avenue *Side Eye*

  1. Praise God, then thank Him for your portion and purpose. Ask Holy Spirit to remind you of the things God has spoken to you if you wrote it down have a look at what you wrote (John 14:26)
  2. Text 5-10 Friends Check up on them to see how they are doing (Ya Never know THEY might need YOU! that’ll take your mind off of wanting Jonny or cake)
  3. Put a date in your diary right now and plan to have some friends or family over or plan an outing (Put the date in before you start asking I know it’s backwards but trust me if you don’t have a date, collating everyone’s availability can be a little frustrating which will then lead you back to square one “Lord I’m bored, I want my Jonny! Or give me cake.”).
  4. Write a list of up to 5 things the Lord has told you to do that you haven’t started yet. Start.
  5. Share this post with someone you think would understand! Then talk about it. Encourage one another! (Hebrews 3:13)

These tips aren’t in any kind of order. Neither is it some kind of formula. Just something that works for me and hopefully will work for you. Change it up as you please.

That’s all from me for now!

I almost let my boredom lead me to danger! Please don’t let it do the same to you.

Much Lovings

Drey x




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