Unrequited Love

Wow I just love how God takes me through seasons and I learn something amazing about Him and Him towards the world specifically His heart towards the world. 
From the title you can kinda get a gist where I’m going with this. 
When I was younger which was not too long ago I became infatuated with a guy bearing in mind that this was not the first time! I still hadn’t learned my lesson! *Side eye of LIFE to myself* we thank God for Grace. 
I remember putting in so much effort in the ‘relationship’ I know! I know! You’re thinking ‘BUT what relationship??’ Ha God is a deliverer my friend! Lol. 
But yes! As I was saying! I would put in so much effort! I would find ways of spending time with them! I would want to speak to them all the time and best believe I tried, I would cease every opportunity! My heart would shrivel up in flames (heart burn maybe? surely it couldn’t have been that deep! It was deep my friend!😩) whenever I didn’t receive an INSTANT reply! it was deep! 
I would grow more insecure daily when there wasn’t anything to be secure about in the first place!!! (so God help me!) 
In all my torment and probably obvious behaviour that showed I was interested! The guy saw, said and felt nothing. (That’s the part where I’m meant to have begged to be kicked off a cliff right?! Or Dropped in the middle of the ocean maybe LOL) 
And the feeling of heartache happened when he entered into a REAL (lol) relationship with someone else. (Here’s the part I asked the Lord to give me strength!! lol He gave it to me It just took me a while to become aware of it 👀)
I realised my infatuation with this guy wasn’t because of who he was as a person but it was because of the attributes he had! If you asked me now! I couldn’t tell you one thing I knew about him! But I could tell you all the things he did that I liked though! *side eye of life—–! With ‘life’ sung in a high pitched voice*

Unrequited love/infatuation can grow intense the more an idividual focuses on qualities and not the recipients Interest! How DANGEROUS! 
I focused more on qualities than interest for real! Writing this has been quite sobering for myself I must say… Hmmm!
Unrequited love is not fun guys! Run away from it as fast as you can! What comes to mind also are those that fell victim of this with me being the recipient… I feel bad. But God is healer.
That isn’t even all I wanted to say! 

Moving on to the reason I felt to share this in the first place

After looking at the definition of unrequited love I felt that God was in an unrequited love relationship with so many people… And I for one used to be one of the people that wouldn’t respond to the Love of God the WAY HE wanted me to! 
I would accept all the good things, the gifts, the help, comfort and company but definitely not His proposal!  I wouldn’t understand why He wanted more from me! There would be people that would come into my life telling me how much God loved me and wanted a relationship with me. *Sigh* my response: Nah we’re cool man lol we are cool the way we are, we’ve got a good relationship already! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾cheers *thumbs up* 
I friend zoned God for yearssss! LOL despite many of His friends (servants, children, beloveds, ones that finally reciprocated the love lol) would come and tell me how much He loved me and wanted a relationship with me, they even tried to hook me up by taking me to His house! Plenty! Of times! (Church), so much to the point where I avoided God all together lol sound familiar? 
God continued to pursue me relentlessly! Love letters (the word of God, scriptures friends would send), pass on messages (preaching, prophets, friends) He would even show up Himself! (Presence in church even my room!! A few times gosh I’d be in tears and all sorts but still no!) 
All this love! God was showing me! I didn’t budge lol constantly gave Him a thumbs up and I suddenly realised my desperate need to not only know Him but Love Him back! 
How many of you are enjoying the Love of God but are constantly giving Him and His mates (servants etc) a thumbs up and keeping Him at arms length away from you. 
Let me tell you! we can try to avoid an individual and prevent them from catching feelings but let me tell you one thing about the Lord… You can’t avoid Him for too long and you most certainly can’t stop Him from catching feeling… Ha… He caught feelings way before the beginning of time! 
As inappropriate as this may be, the most fitting song that comes to mind is the chorus of ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario! (JUST THE CHORUS) 
That’s God to you! He’s actually really lovely once you get to know Him. 
I love you guys!
Absolutely loved writing this post! Currently on a coach with some students going on a trip! 
Have an amazing day!
*disclaimerrrrer* pardon my grammatical errors though and all the other errors. Thanks for the grace 😉 
Much lovings 
Dreya xxx


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