Happy New Yearrrr of FREEDOM!

Hiiiii Precious!
Hope YOU are good!
Gosh I’m freeeeee!
I want to wish you a very Happy Happy New Year!!!!
I entered the New Year free! God shook allll the invisible shackles off of me! it was amazing! I had no idea that I was holding on to unforgiveness, fear, insecurity! I had the fear of abandonment as well! And what’s funny is that I thought I had dealt with all these things. Suppression does not equal Healing boi!
I had dinner with the First Lady of my church (She’s honestly such an amazing woman!) and goodness did God use her mightily to uproot these things I had buried in my heart! (I so should not have worn mascara that night ha!).
This was New Years Eve and I knew in my heart that there were things that I needed to leave behind but I just couldn’t discern what, but with the help of the First Lady and Holy Spirit, every thing came up to the surface… I finally knew what to tackle before the new year.
The cross over service my church had was so intimate! We worshipped and laid out our hearts before the Lord, being entirely honest and fully believing that God was going to do something that night.
My Pastor had asked me to lead us all into worship and in all honestly I wasn’t expecting it, but all my heart wanted to do was obey and I asked the Lord to give me a new song and goodness what happened after was something I will never forget. I started to sing songs that we all knew and then we started to pray and in my head I thought ‘Oh no, no new song. maybe next time’ lol. Then my Pastor asked me to lead again and God gave me a song! this was around 11:30pm and the content of the song was just “Jesus, Jesus , Jesus. Messiah, Saviour, Healer Jesus Jesus, Redeemer, Saviour, Jesus Jesus” and it went on and on and on until I literally felt chains and shackles and bondages fallllllll off of me in the spirit! There is power in the name of Jesus!!!!
I can’t explain the type of freedom I feel but goodness! I knowwwww I am free! and I NEEDED to be, especially for the things that God wants to use me for this year! I don’t want no baggage!
I’m super pumped! I have amazing mentors and an amazing God!
Thank you Jesus for freedom!
Please people! Lets get free, Lets get whole so we can get busy about our Fathers business!
I Love you!
Drey xx

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