A Love Letter 

Hi there
Yes it’s been a while.
How are you? 
My hopes are that you are even more focused than the last time you read something here,and if this is your first time my hope is that you are super focused on your relationship with Christ than ever before. 
I say that and you might have rolled your eyes or said in your mind “argh here we go, she’s gonna bang on about religion and give no practical steps on how to live this life” but something tells me that deep down you know that Christ IS the practical step on how to live this life. 
When we type into a sat nav a destination we trust that it’s going to give us a good route, it’s going to show us a way. We also trust that the sat nav will give us the right way, a trusted way, a way that is made up of real roads and working traffic lights with fraudulent road signs being absent and finally we trust that we will arrive at our destination via the way TomTom gave. 
Using a sat nav for me personally sometimes is the only practical to a place I’ve never been before. 
What I’d like to understand is why you wouldn’t see Christ as the practical way to live this life. He boldly declared (of which no other has been able to declare the same) That He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and NO ONE can come to Father but through Jesus Christ. 
So before you start huffing and puffing again and rolling your eyes and reaching for the X I want you to confront that very thing in your heart that is causing you to resist the fullness of Christ like you once did… What is it? Who is it? What happened?
Why have you let them rob you of your joy and confidence in Christ? 
Confront it tonight
Confront it so that you calling out to Jesus and proclaiming He is good to those who do not yet know that you have turned your heart away from the Lord won’t be in vain anymore. 
How Long will you attempt to cover this up? 
You have a bone to pick with the Lord, so why haven’t you picked it? You think it’s the Lords fault don’t you?
See I personally don’t believe that you’re ignoring the Lord and holding your heart away from Him just because you want to continue in wrong doing and sin, that might be the case for some but not you it just so happens that you’ve now become so entangled with different kinds of sins now even the unimaginable has come to mind…. “God how did I get this far?” you ask yourself.
I can give you my 2 pence if you’ll allow me. You got disappointed then you drifted and now you pretty much shipwrecked your spiritual life, now your dead. Spiritually. Too much? 
Not really. I come across aggressive because I know the one that seems to be comforting you with so called viable justifications, hates you and is rubbing your back with blades of lies and is wiping away your tears with his handkerchief of woe and death. The devil despises you and is deceiving you right now into thinking that ‘you just need a break from all these church folk’. Stop believing that now in the name of Jesus. 
I can’t lie to you. I cannot stroke you and comfort you and tell you that it’s okay to be mad at God,  you had a tough time bla bla NO! I’m gonna tell you to call on Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive you of your sin, Help you forgive those who damaged you and ask Him to get all that gunk out of you! 
I refuse to keep you down with false comfort! How evil will I be considered in the eyes of God??!
You are hurt! Yes! I know. You are tired! Yes! I know. BUT you will STAY that way the more you try to figure things out on your own. 
So no this isn’t a break because next year you’ll be further from God if you don’t do something right now.  
You know the truth and the Truth knows you. 
Let God deal with all else, you focus on making sure you hear that trumpets call and that you’re lifted up in that faithful moment. 
Believe it or not… This is a love letter. To You. 
Jesus Christ whom you once depended on is calling you back right now…
Do you hear Him? Don’t ignore Him.
Please come back. We miss you. 

Myself… The one who hates losing their brother or sister to the Devil. 

The one who’s putting their foot down. 

Right now.

And calling you back


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