Hi Guys,
This post is gonna be super short! (I say that but let’s see lol)

Firstly Happy Easter! For me remembrance of Christs death and resurrection is a daily thing but I LOVE how recognised it is and I definitely see it as an opportunity to spark a convo with someone about Christ and the salvation we have through Him! But that’s not what this post is about. 

This post is about Gods omnipresence! 

Thursday evening after a long but smooth journey the heat of Ghana greeted me, I’m telling you the smile on my face was indescribable lol. On my way here I had been thinking about the last time I had travelled! Which was 10 years ago and it suddenly occurred to me that this would be the first time I’d be travelling as a born again Christian. For a few seconds I was overwhelmed with anxiety in fear that I may not know how to conduct myself on a different land considering all the mischief I got up to when I had travelled previously and how frivolous I was, I feared leaving London to go to another place would trigger my madness. 

But with all that! God gave me perfect peace and reminded me that I’ve been changed from the inside out and I could sense that He was pretty excited too to show me that His work in me was ENTIRE not geographical, or physical or emotional, or economical but TOTAL! 

So I walked in this confidence and I started becoming excited at the fact that I’d be in a different country from where I first received Christ and I would be able to spend sweet precious time with Him somewhere other than my bedroom or my favourite Italian restaurant! Gosh this had me bubbling! 

After a long bumpy ride, we arrived at the house and I was escorted to my room…. “Good Evening Jesus… We made it… Thank You” I said with fireworks for blood cells and a grenade of excitement for a heart! 

Gosh words cannot describe how my heart felt knowing the Lord was with me in Ghana!!!!! 

That evening I spent the sweetest time in fellowship with Him. 

Gosh this trip despite only being 2 days in has resulted in my heart growing deeper in love with Christ… Sigh I probably sound crazy and immature but I don’t care! … My life before Jesus was a hot mess… No one but Jesus knows the full story! And just to think He’s right here with me… I can pray and He hears! Despite being far from home Gosh this has put my heart in somersault mode! Lol 

I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to experience the omnipresence of God. 

I just really wanted to share that…

PS I’m having an amazing time here (2 days in) I’ve just fallen deeper in love with everything and everyone I have! Don’t be puzzled when I come back to London and I’m giving you tight and long hugs! (I do this anyways but hey they’ll be tighter and longer lol) just so filled up! 

I love it here except the prices of their strawberries… I almost had a heart attack after seeing a small pack cost £7.31 😟😟😟😟😖😖😖🤕
But yes that’s a lil update! Stay safe and have an amazing Easter 

To Spark up your relationship with the Lord try these but get creative and ask Holy Spirit;

1. Study a different part of the bible, make notes and share the revelation 

2. Spend time with Him in a place you never have before (if you can travel why not?! Just go lol)

3. Tell somebody about how good He is. Share your testimony with someone. 

4. Last but most certainly not the least; confess every sin and repent. Renew your vowels to Him and rededicate your life to Jesus if you have fallen away, He is faithful to forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness and He will draw near to you once you draw near to Him. Christ may seem far because of maybe some unrepented sin… Search your heart and get right. Nothing is worth this sweet fellowship you have or could have with the Lord.  

Much love! (Big AND Tight Hug lol) 
Andrea Dreya X 


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