I love where I am and I love who they are 

Hi 🙂

Can I just say how much I honestly love my place of work, simply because of the people God has placed there and also the children I work with.
Yesterday the Lord showed me that my steps are truly ordered by Him and He will never leave me without placing encouragement and support around me.
My colleagues are the most blessed individuals that you could ever meet! and are extremely supportive! There’s not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the love these guys show.
Yesterday through opening up and just discussing what was troubling me (because I just couldn’t hide it lol colleagues that can read you like a book are a blessing from God! Only God!) I found that I had been harbouring a few things in my heart, which my colleague helped to pluck out and the way he did this was by sharing his story and being a listening ear… Goodness I don’t think he knows the affect he had that afternoon only God knows how I held back the tears I had been holding hostage that so desperately wanted to escape through my eyes lids! I am so thankful for him! Jesus set me up to receive encouragement that would lead to thorough healing!

Then! Another colleague began speaking so much life! Confirming pretty much everything the Lord had been saying to me about a few things. She reminded me that there wasn’t anything to fear in regards to pursuing my call and my hearts desires, that I shouldn’t regard ‘time’ but that I should regard God instead! Like woah! I thought I had it all together! But God came and moved that hurdle of mental time constraints and set me free!
I thank God for her life.

Guys there are three things I’ve learnt that I’d like to share;

  1. Trust that the Lord has ordered your steps regarding your work place. Back in 2013/2014 I really did not like working here then God showed me this is where purpose is and it was His will for me to be here and now look how He has blessed me with these amazing people that I don’t only want to just call colleagues! They are so much more!
  2. From what my colleague shared with me, I’ve learnt that I must always trust that everything’s going to work out, reject self-fulfilling prophecies and negative prophecies of others over your life, be cool, calm and collected… always.
  3. From what my other colleague shared with me was to pursue purpose through God and in God not through and in ‘time’. How freeing!


There have been many more experiences at work that have just reminded me of Gods faithfulness and I’d like to encourage everyone to be encouraged with where they are at because in due season you’ll see the fruit of your endurance.

I’m choosing to remain hopeful and I’ll definitely thrive on other people doing the same! so please join me!


Big Hug! ❤

Speak Soon!






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