Mind Battles

I’ve always had an issue in this area but for a long time I was seriously just taking the blows thinking it was normal and a part of life… Until it started affecting life and my outlook on it.

I had to get aggressive with my thoughts so I made a conscious decision to not accept every floating idea that entered my mind and every negative thought that rudely intruded I attacked it like an antibody because I was pretty much sick and tired of being sick and tired of being beaten to the point of exhaustion by flying words in my mind named thoughts. Tut.

I’m learning that in order to overcome this… I’ve got to be intentional. All I was doing before was rebuking, so I would empty my mind but I found I was not filling it up with good stuff, so when a negative thought would find its way in again and see that my mind was empty! It did not only have a field day! It would invite friends! Call it a field trip! My gosh Doubt and unbelief are like bum and bench what was I thinking when I thought they would not invite each other round!?! -__- rude!

I’ve now learnt I need to fill up the empty house with new furniture. I need to fill up my mind with new thoughts after rebuking the old. It works!

How do I do it? Cue cards. I use cue cards and on those cue cards I write positive affirmations including scriptures that speak about my identity, my strength in Christ, my Power in Christ and scriptures that remind me that I am not alone  and pretty much every positive affirmation I need to attack the negative affirmations. Books that lead to scriptures are good too!


(Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyers, THE SECRET POWER OF SPEAKING GODS WORD by Joyce Meyers and of course the wonderful Bible itself)

I have a large pack of cue cards and I continue to add to them daily and I try to carry them wherever I go and I read them out to myself till my faith absorbs them and my mind keeps them.

I’m attacking back with the weapon of my warfare… The Word of God… There’s no other way…. Self help books can only get me so far.

I have decided to be intentional about fighting back. Carrying my sword (the word) and cutting up every lie the enemy tries to implant!

I’m bringing every thoughts into captivity to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

Try it. I’m going to get my family to try it. A home full of positive thinkers now that’s powerful lol.

We are overcomers. Even if we don’t THINK so. Let’s change our thoughts.

As a man thinks, so is he. So the question is… What do we want to be?

For me I want to be strong, brave, full of love and so much more so I’m going think on those things and become.

Have an amazing  day

It’s like 4 something in the morning we thank God for early morning grace but I am definitely going back to bed.


Much Love

Andrea X



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