Eyes on Idleness?

So I’ve been thinking. Something I do a lot of… Hmm… lol

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately and what drives us to actually fulfilling it and then also what stops us from going ahead and walking in it. 

This post is not going to be long at all by the way, it’s just some encouragement not only to whoever reads this but to me also. I find writing things out really helpful for coordinating my next steps, let’s go!

Many of us are encouraged to not compare ourselves to others because it’s the thief of joy amen amen amen  and we are encouraged not be intimidated by those that are walking in their purpose, especially those around us that are doing the same thing we know the Lord has called us to do. We are told that we should stay in our lane and that we should be motivated by those that are walking in purpose! I say amen to that *hands raised*. People working on purpose around us should not STOP us from working on our and I give a big SHOUT! and say amen!

But…I realised encouragement is needed for those on the other side, yup the other side. Those that are paralysed due to the paralysis and idleness of those around them. Who in the WORLD would have known that paralysis was contagious! ‘Purpose Paralysis’ ooo that could be a title for sermon but I am no pastor lol so we will stick to blog posts 😛 

I digress. I feel there are probably a lot of people who are surrounded by people zombying (it is not a word I know but let’s make it one today) through life and are not being busy about Kingdom purposes that it leaves them unmotivated or remaining in the fear that’s preventing them to move. Now this is not to say that people shouldn’t take responsibility for their own lives, they absolutely must. But it’s sad you know… especially if the people you’re surrounded by are people that you look up to!

DO NOT be hindered or set back or put off from stepping out because of the people around you that are NOT pursuing their purpose and are NOT bearing fruits. It’s so easy to become stagnant.

Build yourself up in the God-given strength that you have and just start working! You could be the one that needs to set them alight, no matter how mature you think they are! Don’t cut them off so soon, inspire them and if there are no fruits and you really feel your company is weighing you down, then cut.

Change you circle, grow and prevail!

Let’s finish the rest of this year well! Let’s make the necessary changes.

Let’s take our eyes off the idle and fix them on the Author and Finisher of our Faith and Lover of our Soul.

That’s my two cents lol


Much Love





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