For the longest while I used to think it was all about me. I hardly considered the purpose of this union. Subconsciously, I just really wanted a pretty white dress and then have a person to talk to at night and not feel guilty about it HA!(mercy🙈)

BUT now! My heart and mind has changed! The more married couples I came across and the more time I spent with the Lord, the more I started to see that this union had nothing to do with my selfish and trivial desires.

I’ve come to the beautiful acceptance that it’s not about me which I guess makes me all the more excited… especially when you meet people that change your perception that “All men are the same!” Hey to be honest I didn’t even know I felt that way until I started meeting guys that were actually different and decent! Good men DO exist!

My heart is now excited and absent of fear about going towards marriage. Journeying in love and purpose with Christ being the safe place and centre *shocked face*😱🙌🏾🙌🏾 Being humble and championing the other! By the grace of God I’ll GET to do that one day… one day.

I thank God for allowing my heart to see that I won’t be the only prize in this thing, the guy will be a prize too. Both must be loved, served and supported!

I will one day be responsible for loving and serving and journeying with a prince… a child of God…. ey the pressure is real lol I kid… serious note… I really can’t make it about me (my selfish desires n all that stuff). But I can most certainly make it about Jesus and my security in Him.


My Morning Thoughts

Mucho Amor

D x



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