The Green Lights

Good Morning Lovelies!


So this morning I had been thinking about a few things. I woke up to start praying, but I really couldn’t formulate any words this morning. It’s like I knew what I wanted to say but it wasn’t necessarily what I needed to pray or what I REALLY wanted to pray so Holy Spirit stepped in and starts interceding for me. After His intercession my perspective changed! I had been thinking about the areas of my life where God had not yet given me the green light and you could say these thoughts were taking over my mind and heart like “God Buh Whyyyyyy Not Now?!!!” and the Lord gave me the wisdom! And that wisdom was to focus on the things that He HAS given me the green light on and then to go full force with them! Step on that gas baby! (no He didn’t say that but you get me lol).

I then started to call out the things He HAS given me the green light on and I just cannot express the joy and excitement I was overwhelmed with! Like woah! I was sulking over this one thing He hasn’t yet given the green light for and for a good reason too! Allowing it to sap my joy, thoughts and energy when I had all these other green lights to go forward with! Oh Drey! Sigh I’m going through a process… I’m learning about myself daily… Jesus is being patient with me, along with those around me also! Lol Amen.

So here’s a list of just some of the things I’ve been given the Green Light on;

  • The Green Light to experience Christ and His grace and mercy
  • The Green Light to believe in the Bible (the written word of God)
  • The Green Light to Read and Study the Bible
  • The Green Light to love and see my family
  • The Green Light to be part of Kingdom work
  • The Green Light to Sing and Dance unto Him whether alone or before People
  • The Green Light to obey Him
  • The Green Light to Blog!
  • The Green Light to work and empower young people
  • The Green Light to Love my Colleagues and Friends
  • The Green Light to rest at night and awake in the morning
  • The Green Light to work on my purpose that he has given me
  • The Green Light to Learn Spanish
  • The Green Light to be part of a church family

Now these are just a few things! I mean, I’m bubbling! With Joy that is.


So I’d like to ask you this… What are you pondering on that the Lord hasn’t given you the green light on just yet? Are you going to keep pondering? Bad idea… If you’re anything like me and you don’t like headaches I suggest you quit pondering and start being grateful and list the things you do have the green light for! I know my list seems like they are things that are just meant to be anyways! Well it’s not the same for everyone so I’m mega thankful! YOU can be too!

So come on think… What have you got the green light to do? I can give you 2

  1. The Green Light to wake up this morning, breathe and smile and eat! (If you aren’t fasting lol)
  2. The Green Light to read this post lol

How many more can you think of? I pray you the Lord helps you think of them all in Jesus’ name *Big Smile*



Father, In the name of Jesus

Be exalted Lord. Thank you for giving us a new day, a new opportunity to do things better and to obey you better than yesterday. Help us to be grateful for the things you have given us the Green Light on, Help us recognise them all and be excited about pursuing them to your glory and with your strength. Help us love you more, help us recognise how deep your love is for us also. Amen.

Hope you heard my excitable heart this AM.

Much Love!

D x


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