Hey All,


Just want to share something real quick. It’s a heart thing lol 🙂


So during worship today after a particular song I started to spontaneously worship singing “ when He walks in the room we will never leave the same, when He walks in the room we never leave the same” and one thing that the Lord strongly put in my heart is that when we worship we are inviting the Lord in but some of us (I’m speaking to myself also here) don’t actually realise we are naked, or we do but we are afraid of him seeing our nakedness, so we hide. My heart was so overwhelmed as I feel I was reminded that God doesn’t want to strike us down when He finds we are naked, He doesn’t desire to laugh at us and make us feel embarrassed or ashamed. In fact, He desires for us to feel safe in our vulnerability before Him and allow Him to clothe us, clothe us in attire that is clean and eternal… Do we want that?


I really had to check my own heart… one thing I don’t ever want to get into a habit of doing is thinking that I had a word for someone and then exempt myself. God forbid. This is to me first.

I’m going to be very honest, there was a time when I would really shy away from being unravelled by the Lord… I remember one time I really felt myself pushing Him away! Simply because I knew I would have to give my all and I was insecure as to whether He would stay with me once He found out about the real me, weaknesses and all. Yeah I know lol. But the idea of just being vulnerable scared me SO MUCH!

I still get that sometimes, especially with new areas I’m facing but my heart is learning to trust more and more on this journey. A note to myself is I must always trust that when Jesus walks in the room and sees my nakedness in a particular area of my life, as much as my initial response might be shock or to quickly cover myself (with either excuses, procrastination, praise or even sacrifice) Jesus desires to take away the temporary and useless coverings and give me a covering that is lasting and useful, of forgiveness, correction, righteousness and joy.

I need to remember that He is my Father and He does discipline those He loves, IN LOVE. If we have gotten naked in an area of our lives let us run to Daddy to clothe us again. Let’s also though, not be careless in flinging off the garment he’s given us any how! Let us treasure His covering of our nakedness by keeping it on lol.


Another thing that is coming to mind is that I also shouldn’t shy away from being stripped naked by the Word of God, this will result in me being clothed with the right attire of Christ-likeness rather than my attire of self-righteousness. This is something I was so reluctant to as well! God is definitely doing a work.

Father God, I’m so thankful for your mercy and truth of which both now I take pleasure in binding to my neck. Help me see that being naked before you is not a bad thing but in fact it is the safest thing ever! May I be intentional in allowing you to strip me and clothe me so that I may look and be like you. Forgive me for all the times I leaned on my own understanding and help me to trust you with all of my heart and acknowledge you in all my ways in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


One thought on “Nakedness

  1. This is beautiful. Really spoke to me. There was a time when all I did was present my nakedness to him day in day out because I knew it was the only way to truly benefit from all he has to offer. Thank you for reminding me to go back to that place of total trust and surrender.

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