Hey All,   Just want to share something real quick. It’s a heart thing lol 🙂   So during worship today after a particular song I started to spontaneously worship singing “ when He walks in the room we will never leave the same, when He walks in the room we never leave the same” […]

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The Green Lights

…And that wisdom was to focus on the things that He HAS given me the green light on and then to go full force with them! Step on that gas baby!

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For the longest while I used to think it was all about me. I hardly considered the purpose of this union. Subconsciously, I just really wanted a pretty white dress and then have a person to talk to at night and not feel guilty about it HA!(mercy🙈) BUT now! My heart and mind has changed! […]

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This Season!

Tests, tests, tests, tests! Gotta love them! Trials, trials, trials, trials!! Gotta have them! Gosh as beautiful as the last few months have been( trust me they have been beautiful ❤️❤️🙈🙈) they have also been the toughest! Mind Battles are real! And the enemy had been trying it!!! I wasn’t ready! I look forward to […]

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Eyes on Idleness?

So I’ve been thinking. Something I do a lot of… Hmm… lol I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately and what drives us to actually fulfilling it and then also what stops us from going ahead and walking in it.  This post is not going to be long at all by the way, it’s […]

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Mind Battles

I’ve always had an issue in this area but for a long time I was seriously just taking the blows thinking it was normal and a part of life… Until it started affecting life and my outlook on it. I had to get aggressive with my thoughts so I made a conscious decision to not […]

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