Joy Came This Morning

Last night I was in tears, in absolute pieces. I was fed up of being ill and not feeling in control, my body was weak I felt I had no idea what to pray, my friend told me to bind and rebuke I responded “I’ve been binding!” That’s when I knew I reached the end […]

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Hi Guys, This post is gonna be super short! (I say that but let’s see lol) Firstly Happy Easter! For me remembrance of Christs death and resurrection is a daily thing but I LOVE how recognised it is and I definitely see it as an opportunity to spark a convo with someone about Christ and […]

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A Love Letter 

Hi there Yes it’s been a while. How are you?  My hopes are that you are even more focused than the last time you read something here,and if this is your first time my hope is that you are super focused on your relationship with Christ than ever before.  I say that and you might […]

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Unrequited Love

Wow I just love how God takes me through seasons and I learn something amazing about Him and Him towards the world specifically His heart towards the world.  From the title you can kinda get a gist where I’m going with this.  When I was younger which was not too long ago I became infatuated […]

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Look Across the Waters

“When it seems like the storm is the only entity that cradles you… Look across and upon the waters… Your saviour walks…” – Chatterton, S.A (2014) I had recently been so tired from work and other responsibilities, however it seemed like the only kind of rest that existed for me was my inhale and exhale […]

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ALMOST Living a Life for Christ?

Have you ever thought about your life’s true devotion and where it actually lies? Can you imagine standing before the Lord and even without Him opening His mouth you know that your ‘Just-About’ service to Christ had robbed you of your chance of spending the whole of eternity with Jesus…. I want you to just […]

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